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Parents: How to Deal with Test Anxiety, Part 2

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In part one of this series we discussed the basic idea that preparation for a test can seriously help remove some of the anxiety and stress students face today when they are studying and taking a test.  In this portion of the series we will be focusing more on the possible causes and issues of test anxiety that arise from things outside of school.  In part 3 of this series we will be focusing on possible causes of test anxiety that come from within the school itself.

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As has been said all along: Many students suffer from serious test anxiety today in school.  It is becoming a serious problem and is negatively hurting the grades of many students out there who otherwise understand the material and do their work.  It is also one of the least understood aspects of stress students face in school today.  That is why we decided to focus on this series of articles right at the beginning of Teacher Tip Offs.  We know it is important and we want to help.  That is why we’ve put together this guide, which discusses the major internal and external causes of test anxiety for students today.

Parents: How to Deal with Test Anxiety, Part 1


As a teacher I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from parents how nervous and anxious their child gets when they are about to take a high stakes test. This is usually the same student who has done all their work and behaves in class.  Yet when it comes to taking a test they are usually quite ready to freak out and psych themselves out of a good grade before they even sit down for the high stakes test.

Test anxiety is a real problem today in schools because of what it is doing to our kids and what it is doing to their grades.  Thankfully there are a few ways in which it can be dealt with.  In almost every instance, especially in the early grades at middle school and high school, it starts with parents being knowledgeable about what their children can do to relax and succeed on high stakes tests and quizzes.  In this article I have outlined several actionable tips that can be used to help your child deal with test anxiety.

10 Emergency Test Cramming Tips


Nobody likes to do it but sometimes cramming for a test is simply unavoidable.  You put off studying, didn’t look at the review guide, and waited until the night before the test to even think about preparing.  Though I obviously would suggest that you not make this your normal strategy for test studying, if you do find yourself in this precarious position there are a few things you can do to help yourself out:

1. Figure out what to study – When studying on a limited time budget you need to make sure you aren’t wasting time.  Your first priority should be to figure out what exactly will be on the test and stick to only studying that information.  Look at the review guide, look at your notes, and think about what has been talked about in class.  Pick out the most important concepts from there, perhaps the ones that are mentioned the most, and focus your studying on those. Don’t waste time on something if you think it won’t be on there or if it will only be in one question.

7 Easy tips to prepare for a Test In High School

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How can I get an A on the test?  What should I do to get a 100% on my next test?  These are common questions asked by high school students today yet the answers seem to constantly allude many students.  If you ask the vast majority of students about what they struggled with or currently struggle with in high school the most you will inevitably hear their biggest challenge was taking tests.  In many cases this struggle is coupled and compounded by a serious mix of anxiety and nervousness over the test.  Read on to see the list.

What can a parent do to help their kids succeed in school?


Have you ever asked one of the following questions?

What should my child do to achieve higher grades and success in school?

What can I do to help my child be more successful?

Why don’t many of the suggestions and tips that I’ve found so far help my son or daughter more?

If so, this site might be for you.  Read on to find out why.