What can a parent do to help their kids succeed in school?


Have you ever asked one of the following questions?

What should my child do to achieve higher grades and success in school?

What can I do to help my child be more successful?

Why don’t many of the suggestions and tips that I’ve found so far help my son or daughter more?

If so, this site might be for you.  Read on to find out why.

Most parents have asked these questions as their child goes through the entire educational system, from preschool all the way through college and beyond.  They are common questions yet sadly it really seems hard to find what could be considered definitive answers to them.  There are scattered resources throughout the internet and in book stores designed to provide you with some answer to these questions however in my research prior to developing this site I found that none of them are very thorough in addressing the incredibly large number of factors that go into a students success or failure in school today.  With that in mind I have decided to create what I hope becomes the place to find many reliable possible answers to the questions above.

What makes this site different from other resources out there?

  • A place designed to help you understand what your role is in your child succeeding

All to often I encounter parents that who want their child to do well in school.  In fact, I’ve never encountered one who doesn’t want their son or daughter to succeed.  However, in many of those cases I have found to my surprise that parents simply are not entirely sure what they should be doing to help their kids do better in school.  More parents seem to be unsure of their role in their child’s education than ever before.  In many cases things are very different now in schools compared to when most parents were there.  Things work differently, the game has changed, and parents don’t know how to respond to that.  The most common question and thing I hear from parents, regardless of the success their kid is having, is that they are not sure what they can do to help their child succeed in school.  This site will answer those questions.  It will provide you with strategies, tips, and ideas based on years of teaching experience that will give you the tools you need to help your kids succeed in school.

  • Tips everyone should know for succeeding and beating the school system

In my observations there have always been students who things are simply easier for in school.  That ease of going through the school day and succeeding usually has very little to do with how “smart” a student is.  Instead it seems to stem almost completely from how well that student understands the systems that are in place in every classroom, on every test, in every interaction with a teacher or principal, and on every assignment.  In short, they “know how to play the game that is education today”.  I will be providing you with an inside look at how your child can approach those systems that are in place, recognize them, understand them, and succeed within them.  I know what works and I know what doesn’t and I want to share that with you throughout this site and blog.

  •  Experienced teachers providing you with tips for success from inside the classroom

All of the information and thoughts presented on this website will come from experienced and educated teachers, such as myself.  The goal here is to provide you with a resource of information that is both knowledge and trustworthy containing a perspective that you usually do not see in print too often.  On this site you will see a range of opinions from teachers with experience at different levels of school.  Obviously, what works for a high school student will probably not work for an elementary school student.  That is why we will have teachers with different experiences and opinions contributing so that parents with students of any age will be able to benefit.

What you will find here are the inside strategies and ideas that teachers have observed working, or not working, throughout their time in school for students.  Some ideas and strategies work for certain types of students while being quite the disaster for other students.  Teachers know this because they have seen it many times throughout their careers.  As someone develops as a teacher they internally observe what the successful students do in class, what they talk about doing at home, and what involvement their parents have in their schooling.  Teachers know what will work for certain students and what won’t.  This site will share those observations with you in a frank and candid manner that allows you, as the parent, to better help your child succeed in school.  I hope you will use it, share it with your friends who may need it, and above all I hope it helps your children do better in school.

So again, welcome.  I hope your stay is long and your benefit great.






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