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Scheduling: Focus on Medical Careers


There are several common questions that are asked of many teachers by students and parents every year:

“What classes should I take next year?”
“What classes should my kid take if they want to go into medicine?”

Here at Teacher Tip Offs we’ve decided to begin doing a series of quick articles explaining what would be good choices for classes based upon what you would like to do for a career.  The first career field we are going to focus on is anything medical related.  The past few years student interest in this career field has skyrocketed due to increased demand and the relating publicity for a wide range of jobs in the medical field.  Many students see it as a path to a very high paying, prestigious job that carries with it great respect if they are considering becoming a doctor or a pharmacist.  Other students see it as a path to a reliable job that pays well and is in demand if they are considering many of the different skilled tech or nursing careers that are available in medicine today.  Others see it as a means to gain employment quickly after high school in a job that pays well and is available compared to other jobs requiring similar education.

No matter what their focus, there are certain classes they should be taking in high school to be successful and prepared for college if they want to succeed in the medical field.  It is our hope that this will help students be aware of that when they begin scheduling and picking classes.  Parents, please share this with your kids if they are considering one of the following careers.  This post focus on Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist, Physicians Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, etc.  Future posts will cover skilled tech course suggestions and vocational medical career suggestions.

Parents: How to Deal with Test Anxiety, Part 2

crumpled test

In part one of this series we discussed the basic idea that preparation for a test can seriously help remove some of the anxiety and stress students face today when they are studying and taking a test.  In this portion of the series we will be focusing more on the possible causes and issues of test anxiety that arise from things outside of school.  In part 3 of this series we will be focusing on possible causes of test anxiety that come from within the school itself.

For Part 1, click here.

As has been said all along: Many students suffer from serious test anxiety today in school.  It is becoming a serious problem and is negatively hurting the grades of many students out there who otherwise understand the material and do their work.  It is also one of the least understood aspects of stress students face in school today.  That is why we decided to focus on this series of articles right at the beginning of Teacher Tip Offs.  We know it is important and we want to help.  That is why we’ve put together this guide, which discusses the major internal and external causes of test anxiety for students today.